October 09, 2010

Super Soccer Saturday

September brought lots of fun to our Saturdays including 3 games of soccer!  Every Saturday we load up the kids and the van and spend our mornings at the fields! The last couple of Saturdays Adam's and Ford's game were scheduled for the same time.  So we positioned ourselves in between the two fields and one minute we're cheering for the Tigers and the next, we flip around, we're cheering for the Raptors! We love it.  
This Saturday was exciting!  Adam has played sweeper and midfield positions for some time now.  But today...he played FORWARD!  RIGHT FORWARD! And you know what that means. Goals!  Well, Adam scored in the first 7 min. of the game!  When the teams reset themselves I asked him what his scoring goal was for the game.  He said, 'One.'  But by the end of the game, he had 4 goals!  It was such an exciting game to see.  I love watching my kids succeed!  Way to go, Adam!

Ford plays all the positions except for goalie.  He enjoys running after the ball and kicking in down the field.  And he did great today!  As a forward, he got the ball many times and passed it to his teammates.  He also made fantastic kicks up the sideline!  He's so cool.  When the ball went out of bounds he would quickly look over at me and I would give him a 'thumbs-up'.  He would do the same and smile then it was back to business.  He's super cute.

Kennidy rocks as one of our All-Star Defenders!  She has a powerhouse kick!  Some kids don't get how important the defenders are in soccer.  They think that defenders don't get any glory or see any 'action'.  But you know what?  They are protecting the most important thing on the field.  The goal!  We have a great set of defenders and every single one of them is awesome.  Kennidy makes sure that they are all talking to each other and helping each other.  I love that about her.  She's a 'take charge' kind of gal.