November 15, 2010

Best Friends Separated

Emma and Kennidy have been best friends for almost 3 years.  Since we moved to Dayton pretty much.  And now Emma and her family are moving to Ohio.  It is very sad for us.  Emma is such a good example and her family is so wonderful.  They have the kind of kids you hope your kids make friends with because they are good, know right from wrong, and are still normal kids.  
I got to take pictures of Kennidy and Emma before they left town.  Connie, Emma's mom, got the girl's 'BF' necklaces.  One had a hole wear a star fits and the other has a raised star that fits in a hole.  They are so cute.  Thanks, Connie.  You think of everything cute and fun!
I love these girls.

Kendra and Aubrey are super good friends, BFFs if you will.  I got to take their pictures, too.  They have the greatest personalities.  They giggled the entire photo shoot!  I wish I could have captured the sound of their giggles.  It was very contagious.
We will miss the entire O'Barr family!

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soggycheerios said...

Thanks Staci, we miss you guys too. We have Emma hooked up with a computer now so she should be able to email more often, and thanks for taking the cute pictures.