November 08, 2010

Fall in Tahoe

The kids had a day off last week so I thought I'd take the opportunity to take their pictures in Tahoe.  Little did I know that my loving husband had made his own plans to take Adam golfing.  Hasn't he learned that after 14 years of marriage that he needs to clear it with me because I'm the one who actually stays home with the kids and plans to do things on their days off?  Apparently not!  

So I took Kennidy, Makinley, and Ford.  I wish Adam had been there so I could have gotten some group photos.  It was really pretty in Tahoe.  We went to Taylor's Creek.  There are lots of great places for pictures.  The sun was a bit harsh and so I only got a few.   I think I took too many of Makinley.  Oh well.

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