November 01, 2010

Happy Haunting!

This weekend was a long one for us Nevadans.  Nevada Day falls on the last Saturday of every October.  Which means NO SCHOOL the Friday before.  So we took the opportunity to go to the Idaho Cabin.
We spent our time with lots of family.  Grandma & Grandpa Creswell, Melissa, Asher,  & Tatiana, Maren, Dallin, Noah, & James.  For Halloween Tatiana & Asher were Nerd & Zombie Nerd.  Noah & James were both Elmo.  And Adam, Makinley, Ford, & Kennidy were Camp Half-Bloods from Percy Jackson and the Olympians!
For lunch on Saturday, Grandma Creswell had a special treat for the kids.  But they had to eat their lunch blindfolded.  Grandma had fun games, 

Maren had fun crafts, 

and we all pulled together for a Halloween dinner complete with cut off fingers wrapped in bandages (aka pigs in a blanket), albino witch's fingers (aka string cheese with green bell peppers), dragons blood (aka red juice), blended mummies brains (aka cranberry ambrosia), and tasty monster bites (aka sliced apples with almond slivers for teeth).  Everything was so yummy.

We had planned to take the kids Trick or Treating in Boise but when we got one was to be seen.  There were no trick or treaters anywhere!  So Plan B was put into effect.  We took all the kids to Albertsons to buy their favorite candy!  And 15 bags of candy later...we walked out of Albertsons and headed back to the cabin for some Trick or Treating Cabin style.
On our way back to the cabin we came to a stop for a deer that was sitting in the middle of the road.  Why would a deer be sitting in the middle of the road?  Well, a man got out of his car to get the deer out of the way and as soon as the deer got up our question was answered. The deer had been hit by a car and his hind leg was broke.  He tried to stand up only to fall down again.  Once he got his balance, a hunter got out of his car with his rifle and shot the deer on the side of the road.  The kids were shocked and saddened by this but Brandon explained that this was a good thing several reasons.  And he told all the kids why.  
Finally after finding no trick or treaters and seeing a deer murdered on the side of the road, we got back to the cabin for some fun of our own.  All the adult divided up the candy and sat behind a door and waited for our Trick or Treaters.  Brandon decided to go into one of the sheds and be the 'SCARY house'.  I was the 'SWEET OLD LADY house'.  Dallin was the 'NICE OLD MAN house' and I don't know what the others were because I was in the other shed.  The kids had so much fun and got TONS of candy.  And all the good kinds.  Chocolate!  Yum.  I made sure all the kids knew that if any of them didn't want the Almond Joys I would take them.  And boy did they deliver.  I was in Almond Joy heaven!
Sunday, we got dressed and headed down to the Idaho City Branch.  We were saddened again by an empty parking lot.  Apparently Idaho goes Trick or Treating on Sunday instead of attending church.  We really can't live in this state.


Johnson Family said...

Wow. What a crazy weekend! At least the store was open and had chocolate or it could have been a lot worse! ;) And the deer...I have NO problem with people hunting deer, and I think they are quite delicious! BUT...watching one alive and then be killed? Not cool.

Kat & Joe said...

Again from Grandma! Thank you Staci for the accounting of a special weekend to me! LOVED the picture of Brandon in the bucket . . . sooo clear and to the point!