December 13, 2006

Christmas Extravaganza

this weekend we had the bishopric couples over for a fancy fondue dinner. we broke out all the glasses, lynette's gorgeous china, cloth napkins, and elegant decorations. the table was beautiful, the food heavenly, and the company delightful. we all dressed up and talked and laughed. it was so fun. we had a white elephant exchange which took a turn for the worst when a piece of tissue paper was set on fire! 3 of the table clothes were ruined. i was so upset...mostly because they did not belong to me. but we had a good time and when it's all said and done...we all really enjoyed ourselves.

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nettifer said...

That party was wonderful! The table was beautiful and I loved being with everyone! It was so divine :) I love how that is our little inside word :) We are a good looking bishopric!
thanks for putting the party together- it is one to remember.