March 22, 2007

The Disguise

after helping at the kids school this is what greeted me at the door...

grandma c. had the kids today...every thursday...and they had a great time. they went to lunch at mcdonalds and i'm guessing to the dollar store. but they could have gotten their fun toys in grandma's piano shop. she has a basket full of dollar store toys and things for her piano students. each time they practice they get points. when they get 5 points they get a sticker. when they get 12 stickers they get to shop in grandma's basket. how fun.

f's black eye is getting better. we can tell by the dark purple and green coloring. hurray for black eyes.


ishybeanie said...

Kali gave herself a black eye with a baseball bat (don't ask how that happened) the day after i read about Ford. I was embarrassed to send her to school the next day. I haven't seen social services yet:) jk

nettifer said...

I love the picture of Ford with his glasses on! I just love that little kid!