September 01, 2009


Just being on the beach makes me miss summer. Paula and I took Jaynie and Ford up to the lake for some kayaking fun. Oh it was so pretty.

The water in spots looked like Blue Raspberry Koolaide. So beautiful. Then there were spots where the water was so clear that you could see all the rocks below. It was spectacular. We paddled down the beach line till we came to Thunderbird Lodge.

And when Brandon saw my pictures he said, ‘Sheri works there.‘ An old co-worker. Ford had snacks and saw boats and wave runners. Every time a boat would pass, we would turn our kayaks into the waves. Ford would count the number of waves we went over and we got up to 9. That was fun. On the way back to our beach, Ford fell asleep. How cute is that?

Paula helped so much with pulling the kayak off my van and onto the beach. I really wasn’t that much help with my back. But by the time we got back from our little excursion I could actually bend down and pick up Ford’s shoes. I was so excited! I told Paula that I needed to do this everyday so my back could feel this great all the time.

Thanks, Paula! You’re the best. Ford and I had a great time! Let’s go next week for our preschool field trip!


Creswell-Hyde Away said...

What super fun! Sounds like you are really getting into great kayaking! And not even afraid of the waves now!!! By the way I am still making your amish friendship bread.

Mark Katy said...

What an awesome thing to get to do,I am jelous. I long for the time in my life when I could do something like that. I am closer to that time than I used to be. I agree, Tahoe is pretty cool how you can see the rocks below!