January 01, 2010

Homemade Gifts for Christmas

Once again my family amazed me with their homemade Christmas gifts for each other.  They are all so talented.

Brandon picked Ford, this year, and after a lot of precrastinating...he made Ford the coolest baseball pillowcase. Brandon did all by himself using his made sewing skills. What a great dad!

I picked Adam's name. I made him a Star Wars magnet board complete with Lego magnets from the Lego store.

Kennidy picked my name and went onto Shutterfly and made me the cutest book complete with pictures of my favorite people. Family and friends. I loved it.

Adam picked Makinley. He made her a checkbook. It was way cute. At the last minute...and by that I mean Christmas Eve...I whipped up a wallet to put her checkbook in. It's nothing fancy because I used what fabric pieces I had lying around. Maybe next time I'll think ahead and get some cute fabric.

Makinley picked Dad. She made him a DVD with photos and music. It was adorable and I love all the pictures she chose.

And Ford picked Kennidy. We went to the fabric store and he picked out some purple fabric to make Kennidy an apron. After we were done sewing it he gave it lots of kisses. So on the tag we wrote...Made with lots of kisses from Ford.

Some other gifts I made for the kids were...2 Star Wars Posters (thanks to my Silhouette), Crochet Hat and Scarf, 2 Super Hero Capes, Christmas Countdown (thanks to my Silhouette), Creswells Est. board (thanks to my Silhouette), and a Christmas Card (again, thanks to my Silhouette. I love this machine).


Barry and Jeanni said...

Your wallet turned out adorable! I loved your Christmas card as well!

Callie said...

The hat/scarf combo...adorable!!! And I love the capes. I think you need to rub off on me!

Joey and Nettifer said...

You are so freaking talented! Love you for sharing all this fin stuff I wish we lived by each other still. You are amazing! I still feel like I dint know how to make anything with my silohuette you are my new inspiration! Glad you had a merry Christmas

ishybeanie said...

your family is so cute I think we might have to try that next year