November 27, 2006


believe it or not this is the first thanksgiving that b and i have spent alone with just our little family in 10yrs. it was so nice. the kids helped make dinner and dessert and b was incharge of the turkey! it was delicious. nothing spectacular happened but we were all together and the day was very relaxing and peaceful. probably on of my favorite thanksgivings yet!

m made the apple pie.

a made the delicious jello salad.
k made the mashed potatoes, peeling and all
and f ate it all. DELICIOUS!

November 09, 2006

For Grandma and Papa Sanchez

My Trunker Treater Halloweeners!

November 08, 2006

Rachel's Birthday Present

this year for my mother-in-laws birthday i decided that i would make her another grandkids pillow. but i put the stitching in a it. i made a pillow for her about 3 years ago and there have been two babies born since then. i told her that after this one someone else would have to make her an updated ones because our little family is complete. so good luck girls!

November 07, 2006

Family Photo Shoots

about 2 weeks ago my friend, missy, asked me to take their family pics for their christmas cards. so i walked across the street with my camera and a black sheet and a white sheet. i took some pics in front of their fireplace and with the back drop. we spent about an hour taking pics and getting individuals of the kids and parents...when i got home i was disappointed. i hated them. so i asked missy if we could go somewhere and take them again. luckily for me she said yes. so off we went and i am sooo happy with the ones i got! hurray for beautiful days outside in november!

November 01, 2006

Gardner's Village

rachel and i went to see the witches on monday with the kids. no school. gotta love it. they were all really good and loved taking pictures next to all the cooky witches there. we saw witches flying on brooms, riding bicycles, sitting in outhouses, directing air traffic, taming spiders, pulling wagons, and lots more. i so enjoy seeing the witches in the fall at gardner's village. i like the shopping too..

Happy Halloween

last night i took the kids trick or treating...the kids got lots of candy! we watched MI3 with the in-laws and went to bed. trick or treaters stopped coming about 7:30.

i had high hopes for our halloween dinner. we had tortilla chicken soup in pumpkins! and our soda was cooled by dry ice. b and k were at her dance class and m and a were horsing around during dinner...not staying in their seats. and f was mr. whinney pants! the kids started calming down when we started to carve the pumkins. but still no b and k. sad. very sad without dear old dad. our pumkins turned out really cute and a and m had fun! dinner was delicious if i do say so...and i do. better luck next halloween.