March 26, 2010

What's on your computer?

Too much junk, for one.  But as I was going through some of my 'Photo Booth' pics I found some really funny ones that I will have to keep!  Enjoy!
And finally, this picture cracks me up!

March 20, 2010

The Run Down...of my week.

Sunday, March 14th
Fast Sunday.  Enjoyed testimonies of members of our ward.  Had a mtg with the Bishop and discussed preparations for Dienes Funeral.  I don’t have a lot of details, Michelle died suddenly from a brain aneurysm yesterday afternoon.  Plans need to be made for family luncheon, dressing Michelle’s body, food brought in for the family, rides to and from school, Pearl’s medications, etc.  My shoulders are heavy.  I can feel the weight of this responsibility.
Monday, March 15th
Adam went to the Orthodontist to get his spacers, more molds, and pictures taken of his mouth.  What fun.  Then we went to Big 5 to get his soccer cleats and shinguards.  Now he’s good to go for soccer. 
Adam and Makinley rode their bikes to the Workmans after school so I could pick them up for soccer practice.  Soccer practice for Kennidy’s team 4-5:30pm.  Laura Klein and I are coaching this season.  Adam and Ford are also playing.  Adam’s coach, Yolanda, practices on Tues. And Thurs.  Ford’s coach, Bridget Peterson, will have practices on Wednesdays.  Her son, Tyler, is on my team.  I love Bridget.  She’s great and Ford is so looking forward to playing soccer.  He asks everyday...’Is it soccer day?’  I put pulled pork in the crock pot.
When Brandon came home we had FHE.  We just received letters from Leah and opened and read them to each other.  Then it was our turn to write her back.  I have plans to send her a goodie package.  Let’s see if I can find the time this week.
Got word of funeral preparations.  Michelle is a full body donor and so the hospital will have her body for another day or two.  We will hopefully have the funeral on Saturday...along with a baptism, wedding, and the scouts Airation Fundraiser.
Tuesday, March 16th
I can’t remember but I think we went to the 3 Tier park in Carson after preschool today...nope that was last week.  Ummm...oh I remember getting some updates on the funeral, making calls to get things organized for funeral, calling people, making the assignment to help dress Michelle’s body for burial on Friday.
I prayed for strength this week.  I prayed that I would be able to preform those things I would be asked to do.  I prayed for my heart to be softened.  I prayed that I wouldn’t be squeamish when the time came to dress this body but that I would have an eternal perspective.  I prayed that I would be able to prepare this sister to receive her spirit for the first resurrection.  Because I know that our bodies and our spirits would one day be united again.  I told the Lord that I wouldn’t whine or complain about what was asked of me...but that I would do it as part of my responsibility as a RS president in his church.
Adam’s first soccer practice was today after school.  He did really good.  He’s the oldest on his team but can totally use that to his advantage.  He doesn’t see if that way.  But he’s going to do great on this team.  Yolanda really knows her soccer.
Tuesday is a blur.
Wednesday, March 17th
Happy St. Patty’s Day.  We started our day with green eggs, green juice, green butter on toast, Lucky Charms swimming in green milk.  The kids got dressed in their green shirts and socks from Grandma Sanchez. She even sent St. Patty’s Day tatooes.  Oh how they love mail.  Don’t we all.
Then it was off to the Workmans.  I dropped off their bikes so they could ride to and from school today.  Go to soccer and scouts.  While Brandon, Ford, Jaynie, Bishop, Paula, Bridget, Hallie, and I went skiing/boarding.  It was such a beautiful day.  The snow was nice but turning to slush as the day wore on.  Ford did great on the snowboard.  And Brandon and I only paid $20 each!  You can’t beat that deal.  It was hard work teaching Ford but after lunch it really paid off.  He was having so much fun going down the big hill and Brandon was super patient with him.  We traded off a couple times going down the slopes so it really broke up the time.  All in all, we had a great time.  
We rushed home to get the house clean and ready to feed the missionaries.  They were at our house by 5:15.  Adam, Makinley, and Kennidy wouldn’t get home till almost 6 from soccer.  Ford and I left about 5:40 for soccer practice.  So it was just Brandon and the missionaries.  He cooked hamburgers on the grill and I think they had a good time.
Ford is on Hallie’s team and Christi Kranjcec’s son, Aiden, is on their team, as well.  It’s going to be a good season.  Ford is so excited.
We finally came home and got ready for bed.  I was exhausted.  And tomorrow is preschool, here.  We’re planning a Pink Lemonaide Party after preschool.  Kennidy made banana bread for me (only if I agreed to clean her room) and tomorrow I’ll make mini cupcakes and soup.
Thursday, March 18th
We called Grandma Sanchez first thing in the morning to wish her a happy day late birthday.  While the kids talked to her, Kennidy and I jetted off to school.  When I came back I had to make cupcakes, pull out some soup, print out ‘U’ activities, put up all the preschool stuff, pull out 3 toy cubbies, do my hair, get dressed, and brush my teeth.
Preschool came and went.  Then it was time for our Pink Lemonaide Party.  
We had a lot of fun.  We had goldfish, jello, andes mint cookies, cupcakes, tuna sandwiches, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, carrots, chicken noodle soup, and PINK LEMONAIDE!  And we used Makinley’s tea party set.  It was so cute.  The kids really liked it.

When the kids got home it was snacks and off to Adam’s soccer practice.  He had a really good practice.  Then it was home for 5 min. and I was out the door once more for a RS Leadership Training Mtg. at the stake center.  I really enjoy these mtgs...just not the timing.

Our Stake RS President gave us these plate of cookies and said, 'So often you are busy serving others and not being served yourselves.  Here is a plate of cookies to thank you for all you do.  And if you're sick, lonely, or's a Get Well Soon plate just for you.'  I think I'm gonna eat the entire plate.
Home again...then bed.  Auhhh.
Friday, March 19th 
I have to begin today with...this week has really dragged on.  And I am glad that I was busy because it kept me from dwelling on the task at hand today.  Janice Crosby, Stephanie Clark, and Pearl Gribble, Michelle’s mom, and I met at ‘Our Park’ and rode in together to the funeral home to dress Michelle’s body in temple clothing.  
Paula offered to watch Ford for the entire day.  I dropped him off and she said, ‘I’ll keep him all day so you can have the day off.’  I kind of smirked because it didn’t feel like I was taking the day off.  She said, ‘Then a day off from him.’  To which I replied, ‘He’s not what I want to take a break from.’  And at that moment all I wanted to do was hug that little guy.  I wanted to take him home and just ride bikes and play.
We got to the funeral home and Bro. Gary Jensen gave us an overview of what we would be doing, as none of us had done this before.  It was hard for Pearl to see her daughter and hard for me to hear that Michelle was a full body donor.  I didn’t know what that meant fully until he explained it to us.  A full body donor means they take everything...they take your organs and your bones.  Bro. Jensen warned us that Michelle’s body was in a clear plastic body bag that exposed only her head, hands, and feet.  We would put her temple clothing on over this body bag.
We said a prayer and then went in.  Pearl had to take a minute.  I can’t imagine having to dress my daughters.  But after this experience, I can’t imagine having them dress me.  It is not something to look forward to with great anticipation.
As long as I focused on the clothes...I was okay.  This proved to be harder than I expected.  I kept a close eye on Pearl.  She was having such a tough time.  That poor woman.  I felt her pain and sorrow.  And cried with her.  She loved Michelle so much.  
We’d finished dressing her and Pearl said her last good-byes.  
I was so grateful to have Stephanie and Janice there with me.  They are two women who exemplify strength and unconditional love for others.  Why else would they be here with Pearl and me.  I could feel of their ‘sacrifice and love’ as they helped dress this body.  
We walked back to the car in reverence.  The noise from the traffic seemed to be muted.  And the glory of the day shone bright.  We rode home with that same spirit encircling us.  I felt it.  I felt my heart at peace. 
As I came home and changed my clothes, I caught sight of my scriptures on the floor by my bed.  The prompting to read came.  I fought it.  I didn’t want to sit and be still.  I wanted to be busy and not be forced to remember what I had just done.  The prompting came again...and I listened.  I sat on my treadmill and opened my scriptures.  I turned to the bible dictionary...then to the index in the Book of Mormon.  I was flipping through the pages and stopped to read under Jesus Christ and Plan of Salvation.  This last topic brought me to scripture after scripture that read, ‘O how great and marvelous are the works of our God...’
I thought about my day and what I had been asked to do.  I prayed that my offering would be sufficient.  I gave all I could.  All my energy and emotion went into this act.  I prayed that my service would be acceptable even though this was something that I didn’t want to do.  I would do it without whining or complaining.  I would do what the Lord needed me to do without hesitation.  And now that I had done it...could it be enough?  Could he spare me for a season.  
I walked away from this service with a greater testimony of our physical and spiritual bodies.  I know that we have both.  I know that our spirits are who we really are.  Let me explain what I mean by this.  Today, I saw Michelle’s body.  But it wasn’t her.  This was her physical body to use here on this earth.  And who she really is and who we’ve come to love is her spirit.  The body without the spirit is just that.  It’s a body.  It’s our ‘temporary home’.  I looked at her body...her face in particular, and the spirit testified that Michelle wasn’t there.  Her spirit was no longer inhabiting this body.  
I know I have a loving father in heaven.  He is aware of me.  He knows my name, my favorite color, my good and bad habits, my strengths and weaknesses.  He knows my failures and my accomplishments.  He knows the desires of my heart.  He knows me.  And I am so grateful for this knowledge.  What power that gives to me.
I know that families are eternal.  I know that through the sealing powers offered us in the Lord’s holy temples...our families can be sealed for time and all eternity.  That even though we may experience the loss of death on this earth...we are together forever in the eternities.  What a blessing that is!  To know that if I keep my covenant with the family can be mine for eternity.  
I know that part of coming to this earth was to receive a was also a time to learn and grow.  We can’t learn and grow from textbooks and stories.  We can’t learn from someone else’s mistakes.  We have to have experiences so that me may learn.  And those experiences include trials.  The trials that we are given to face...make us stronger.  They make us wiser.  I am grateful for my trials...even though they may seem overwhelming at times and I whine and complain...they make me a better person.  I know this to be true.  President Brigham Young called his trials...blessings.  I want to look at my trials as he did.
I am learning so much as a RS President.  I admire those women who have had, have, or will have this calling.  It has truly been a blessing in my life.  My testimony grows each day!  I have learned to rely on the Lord more...sometimes I still forget...but I know what I need to do to get have his spirit with me everyday.  
When I was content with my pondering, I was able to move on with my day.  I still had errands to run to get ready for the funeral services tomorrow.  The first thing on my list of things to do was to check my emails.  As I was checking and responding, I could see a car pull into my driveway.  I looked out the window and noticed it was Paula.  What was she doing here and how did she know I was back already.
I stopped what I was doing and went to meet her at the door.  When I opened it I could see Ford trying to get out of the car but something with making it a little difficult.  I opened the car door for him when he turned around and saw me.  In his left had was a blue yummy treat he’d been licking and now had all over his lips and in his right hand was a large bouquet of flowers.  He held them out to me and I bent down and gave him a big hug.  My emotions were too much for me and I lost control of them.  I told him he gave the best hugs in the whole world and that he had made my day.  I told him that I loved him so much and that I was so glad he was my son.  
Paula, hearing the emotion in my voice, came around the car and assured Ford that I was crying tears of joy and not sadness.  She hugged me and I told her I didn’t even know that I needed this.  I cried some more and shared some of my morning with her.  She is such a great friend.  I cherish her strength.  I cherish her wisdom.  And I cherish her testimony of the gospel that makes me want to be like her when I grow up.  Even though I’m only a few years younger than her.  I have a long way to go.  I was able to let go of some of my burden and it was great to feel my shoulders lighten.  My tender mercies.  Ford, Paula, Jaynie, and a bouquet of flowers.
The Lord takes care of you no matter where in the world you are.  Whether you’re near your family or not.  It really doesn’t matter because in the gospel you always have family close to you.  I love it.
When the kids came home, there were no chores....just fun.  Whatever they wanted to do.  Unlimited Wii time, movies, snacks...whatever.  I enjoyed just watching them play and saying, ‘Yes’ to everything.
I finished my day sharing some things with my sweet husband, who worried about me and what I had to do today.  Then he was off to a scout fundraiser that would commence on the morrow.  I finished steaming tableclothes and taking them to the church.  
Saturday, March 20th
Brandon and Kennidy were off early this morning for their Airation Fundraiser.

While, the kids and I prepared for Jake Stewart’s baptism.  It was a very nice baptism.  I am so glad I got to start my day with this.  I love baptisms.  There is always a sweet spirit in attendance.
After the baptism, Jenni took my kids and I got ready for a funeral.  I mostly stayed in the kitchen and helped prepare tables and food.  One of the great things about the church and our ward in particular is service.  We mention things that need to be done and they get done.  We have sisters come out of the wood works to help and give service.  I am so thankful for the sisters in my ward who give 110% of their time to serve others.  We were set up in no time!  Eden Evans even stuck around after the baptism to help.
Eden stripped the leaves off roses and put them in vases for centerpieces.  She set out cups and rolled utensils in napkins for the tables.  She carried food to the buffet table.  Eden put butter in the butter dishes and placed them at all the tables.  And when everyone started eating...she didn’t whine or complain that she was hungry.  She was such a huge help to us and a good example of how we should think of others.
Jenni bought the most beautiful roses for our centerpieces.  Red, yellow, and pink.  They were gorgeous and gave the perfect touch.  
It was a beautiful funeral service.  As Bishop Heusser spoke, I was reminded of the Teacher Appreciation dinner last year.  President Anna Fraiser spoke from ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the World’.  Bishop Heusser taught about life here on earth...and spoke from the same proclamation.  He brought the spirit and shared his testimony.  Then invited us to ponder and record some feelings about knowing Michelle.  Then he invited us to choose something in our lives that we wanted to change...and change it.  I said a silent prayer that the spirit might touch one person in this room and they might have a desire to learn more about the church.
I was lifted and edified.  
Got my kids and came home.  It was time to reclaim my home!  I cleaned my room...which had suffered the worst.  Did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and sat down to type out my feeling for the week to post on my out of date blog.  
What’s in store for next week?  Selling our house.

March 18, 2010

T is for Tiger

T is for... out.toes

March 09, 2010

While Mom's Away....

I had a mtg at the church and left Kennidy to babysit.  When I came home, the house was a mess, mandarin oranges had been thrown at the window and sprayed all over our leather couches, and Makinley has a huge bump under her right eye.

She explained to me that Adam had pushed Ford and his head hit her in the face.  Fabulous!

March 04, 2010

Relief Society: Something Extraordinary

I have a testimony of Relief Society.  It is a divine organization created by our Heavenly Father.  It is awesome to think that this organization covers the globe.  With sisters in many countries.  I am grateful to be apart of a worldwide sisterhood that does good.  I pray that I will be better in showing others compassion and giving service.