December 29, 2006

If God Wanted Holes In Your Ears...

"if god wanted holes in your ears, he would've put them there himself" the creswell family is famous for this very quote. both parents grew up in homes where this was taught. then implimented in their own families...until i came along. when b and i married, 10 years ago, i had 3 earring holes in each ear thus starting the corruption from lamanite daughter in law to nephite family. about 2 years ago my sister in law was given permission by her father to get her ears pierced if she wanted too. corruption #1. then earlier this year another sister in law got her's done. corruption #2. then the day after christmas b tells k that if she is old enough to choose to be baptized a member of our church, then she is old enough to get her ears pierced. corruption #3! k and i were jumping for joy! so thursday morning we went to classy chassies to get them pierced! k was so brave. she did such a great job and didn't even cry! she picked out her own earrings telling me that she didn't want pearls but DIAMONDS! i should have known. i mean, diamonds are a girls best friend, right? and now my little girls is growing up to be a lamanited like her mother. i love it!

December 24, 2006

Creswell Family Pictures

so every mother wishes for family pictures when her kids are all grown and having families of their own. well this year that's exactly what rachel creswell, my mother-in-law, got. and what a handsome family! it was a bit cold outside but the kids really were so good! even little baby noah! none of the kids really complained until...
grandpa was throwing asher in the garbage! all in all, it was a wonderful shoot and rachel got her family picture. merry christmas!

December 16, 2006

Ward Christmas Breakfast

instead of a ward christmas party we had a foxboro ward christmas breakfast. there were so many people from our ward who showed up. we missed those who weren't able to be there but what a nice time we had. there were people in their pajamas, kids running all over the place, lots of socializing...laughing and smiling amongst friends. what's better than that?

Christmas Work Parties

oh how i love going to b's work parties! talking to people i don't know about subjects i know nothing about, trying to defend the stay at home mom and make it sound glorious yet challenging and that not just anyone can do it, laughing at inside jokes or those that tell them, standing in a corner while the associates catch up on the comings and goings of their lives...what's not to love, right?

well this year was just the opposite! i was so pleasantly surprized! this particular christmas party was a small party with managers and their significant others. there were actually pregnant women who were excited about their soon to be delivered babies and even 2 other members of the LDS church! it was great. the host's wife was so friendly and an amazing chef...every time we turned around she was bringing something new out of the oven and putting it on the table. i would have been perfectly content with the shrimp cocktail! Y-U-M!

we mingled, i took pictures, we laughed and i genuinely laughed...there were no inside jokes so i didn't feel like an outsider. i was happy at b's work party. that is amazing! we had a white elephant gift exchange that was a hoot and b had the last say on what gift he wanted to end up with. he chose the pirates of the carribean, dead man's chest with all the treats you would ever want to eat while enjoying the movie.

then it was time for the presents from the GM to the managers. talk about spoiled cushy jobs...they ALL got mini ipods! i asked b if there were any manager openings avaiable. holy cow! then all the managers gave the GM his very own mini ipod! what a night! it was a wonderful night. i really enjoyed being there!

December 13, 2006


monday night my sister in law, e, and i went to see THE HOLIDAY! all i can say is OH MY GOODNESS! i laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more. it was the best movie i have EVER seen. it have romantic twists and cutsie meetings and romantic lines to die for. i love the english accent and it made those actors even more lovely. this was a brilliant movie and i recommend it to EVERYONE! i'll pay the theatre price to see it again it was that good. this is a definite must buy! i loved every 2 hours and 30 min. of it. simple the best movie!

Christmas Extravaganza

this weekend we had the bishopric couples over for a fancy fondue dinner. we broke out all the glasses, lynette's gorgeous china, cloth napkins, and elegant decorations. the table was beautiful, the food heavenly, and the company delightful. we all dressed up and talked and laughed. it was so fun. we had a white elephant exchange which took a turn for the worst when a piece of tissue paper was set on fire! 3 of the table clothes were ruined. i was so upset...mostly because they did not belong to me. but we had a good time and when it's all said and done...we all really enjoyed ourselves.

December 04, 2006

Christmas Stockings

every year before the christmas decorations are pulled from the basement...i get this crazy idea that i need to find new stockings for the family. so this year was no different and i even got pottery barn stockings for $1 and love them. then i pulled out the christmas box with the stockings i made way back in 1998. and i saw how cute they are..and how many memories i have of the kids finding things in these stockings. i love these stockings. and now that i have new ones with each persons name embroidered on them, thank you lynette!, i can't get rid of the old ones. i can't sell them because no one would pay what i think they are worth because there was a lot of time and heart that went into them. so i will display them and enjoy the fruits of my labor and maybe from year to year we can trade out stockings.