January 24, 2011

Hello Kitty and more...

So I learned how to do a Hello Kitty hat!  I’m selling it for $18.00.  I made this one for Emma and I can’t wait to give it to her.  Now she and Makinley can be twins! 
I really like this Owl hat.  The color possibilities are endless.  I can go bright and fun or simple and conservative.  I’m selling it for $18.00, as well.
This newborn hat was a baby shower gift for my friend, Brittany.  She has 2 adorable little girls and is having her first boy!  I chose not to use any colors because I loved the neutrality of this yarn.  I love the way it turned out.  This newborn monkey hat is $16.00.
This hat is for a sister I visit teach.  She has 2 boys and is expecting her first girl.  Her babies tend to come 5 weeks early and so this hat is so tiny!  I love the colors.  Especially the purple.
This little darling was not as tiny but oh so fun to make.  I love this Pixie hat.  I can’t get enough of those stripes!  I can’t wait to make it in red and white...and I think I want the pom pom a little bigger.  This Pixie hat is $16.00.
I made this Sock Monkey hat for a girl who lives in Toronto.  It’s pretty cold up there right now and I love the hot pink!  I made the spiral ties extra long so she could use them as a scarf.  I absolutely love this hat!  I’m selling Sock Monkey hats for $30.00.  
I’m still selling these Ear Warmers.  They are my best seller.  They sell for $16.00 and come with the flower.  I also sell the flowers separate for $4.50. 
My friend, Jeannie, found some cute Koala hats and made one for her daughter, Jaidyn.  I fell in love with it when she showed me.  It’s made out of 100% Alpaca yarn and is the softest hat I have ever felt.  She said her mom paid a TON of money for one skien.  I didn’t get Alpaca yarn...I didn’t go to the right store...but walked away with some grey Homespun.  I’m dying to try it out. 

Check it out at RuffledEdges.etsy.com.  

Anthropology Knock Offs

I’m in the process of making large ribbon flowers with burned edges.  They come in a variety of sizes but I think I like the bigger size best.  I am attaching pins to the backs and pining them to necklaces.  I bought 2 necklaces in Utah for $20 each and love them.  Now I have to find some beads I like.  I’m having a hard time finding regular marbles.  That’s what I’d really like to use.  They are the perfect weight and the perfect size.  I am toying with the idea of using those colored pebbles that come in various shapes and sizes...I kind of like the oblong ones and can get them at the Dollar Tree.  The price is definitely right!  I think I will sell these necklaces for $18.00 and see how they go.


January 21, 2011

Ski Club

I love starting the new year off right.  For the next 6 Fridays Kennidy and I get to go snowboarding!  We are so excited!  We’re gonna shred up the mountain.  This Friday Brandon came up with us.  It was fun to have him on the slopes with us.  I think he and I went down 5 or 6 times before Kennidy even started her lesson at 10am.  It was great.  And I didn’t fall all day.  After lunch we took Emma, Kobey, and Lauren to the backside of the mountain and had a great time.  Those kids can really ski.  Much better than I ever did.  Maybe that’s why I board now.  We had such a good time.