July 29, 2009

Seventh week of summer

Thursday . Friday . Saturday . Yosemite National Park Highlights
Camping with the Workmans . Swimming in the Mercede River . Hike 1/2 way to Vernal Falls . S'mores . Campsite by a river . Boys Car Girls Car . The Views . Bug Repellent . Yummy camp food . Big Tents . Polly Pockets . Hodgy Podgy Bacon Stories . Beebee Guns . Campfires . Car Conversations . Lunch @ . Potty Pull Overs . Abstract Fire Photography . Kobey Smiles . Flower Photo Opts . 4" From a Deer . Dirty Kids .
Creswell - Workman Bunch...this photo was actually taken Saturday before we headed home. Love the 3 girls faces in front. They really didn't want to get back in the car and drive for 3 hours!
This is where we camped. Aspen Camping grounds in this beautifully green valley.Happy Campers!We really camped at a perfect place. The kids enjoyed this river/stream. I enjoyed the many photo opportunities.Kennidy and KirstenMakinleyOur views of the mountains.Oakley in deep water!Adam, Ford, Kobey, and Oakley at dinner!Makinley, Raquel, and Kirsten at dinner.Adam, Kobey, and Oakley exploring the river.Kirsten, Makinley, and Raquel.A way across the river! Wayne and Kirsten.Makinley making her way across the river.Me, Brandon, and crazy Ford.FordAbstract Art...I call it 'Fire'.KobeyAdamOakleyMakinleyThe following are all views within Yosemite National Park.
I was about 4 feet from this deer. It was so cool.
Me and Brandon resting 1/2 way to Vernal Falls.Raquel, Jenni, Kirsten, and Makinley getting cooled off in the river.Oakley, Adam, and Kobey cooled off by dipping their caps in the water. Thus getting their entire bodies cooled off.

Prayer Pebbles

Ford just loves his Sunbeam teacher, Jeanni Jones.  Sunday they had a lesson on prayer and Jeanni gave all her Sunbeams little prayer pebbles to take home and put under their pillows to remind them to say their prayers.  I will confess that this is something that we have to work on.  
But Sunday night, Ford got into bed and his hand slid under his pillow.  He felt his pebbles and remembered that he needed to say his personal prayers.  Brandon was putting him to bed and told me that he and Ford knelt beside his bed and, with a little help from Dad, said his prayer. Brandon said, 'Ford is an example to us all.'  

I just love primary teachers who help me teach my children correct principles.  Thanks, Jeanni. You've just brought a little soul unto God.

July 15, 2009

Sixth week of summer

Sunday. Oh today was fun. I had an early mtg. It's always fun for me to stay up late the night before an early mtg the next day. But the really fun part was that our teacher for RS didn't show up. I think she got her Sundays mixed up. The summer tends to do that to people. So as RS Pres. I ended up giving the lesson...that I didn't preread. Our Education Counselor was out of town and only one sister read the lesson. Oh the joys! I was told afterwards that it was a really good lesson and I can't take credit. The Spirit took over and the women shared experiences and thoughts they had. It really was a testimony of how the Spirit works miracles.
Monday. Running with Kendra. My sweet neighbor/VTer, Emily, came to visit me. She shared a wonderful lesson and we both shared special experiences we've had in the temples. I am so grateful to know her. Then it was off to Carson so Makinley could spend her birthday money. Then off to Cave Rock on Lake Tahoe for some summer fun with the Heussers. Thanks for the invite, Paula. The time sure flies when you're having fun. We didn't leave till 5:30. Brandon spent a whole 3-4 hours at work and the rest of the day golfing. He brought pizza home for dinner. Hurray, I didn't have to cook.

Tuesday. Running with Kendra...Tennis with Paula. Into Carson, again. We had to run some errands and find Paula a bday present. I ended up making her a small plaque that says, 'No One Can Take Your Place' in vinyl. And positioning it on an easle. Nothing too extravagent.

Wednesday. Paula's birthday was today and she invited us to go hiking. We went to Carson Pass. It was a really pretty hike. 5 miles total and I can't believe the kids did it. They were great. It's always good to see how many miles you hiked at the end and not the beginning. Happy Birthday, Paula. We really had fun. Then it was a rush to get home for Kennidy's piano lesson, a nap, and relaxation. I'll be sore tomorrow.

Thursday. Running with Kendra. Lake Tahoe. Enrichment Hike up Carson Pass, again. This time I had mosquito repellent and didn't get eaten.

Fifth week of summer

Tuesday or Wednesday I think we went to the library.

Thursday. The biggest thing this week was Makinley's birthday.
We spent it at the lake with our good friends the Johnsons. They are too cute. We just love spending time with them. Makinley got 4 Polly Pocket sets, 2 shirts, a scooter, an LPS, 2 baby doll twins with brown eyes like her, $25 from Grandma and Grandpa Creswell, and a $30 gift card for Target from Grandma and Papa Sanchez! Thank you everyone for showing Makinley that you love her. She was so excited about her money...she was saving her points to get a baby doll set (stroller, high chair, swing) but since she got so much money for her birthday she was able to purchase it herself! Oh she was SOOOOOOOOO excited to do this. I can't tell you how excited she was!

Friday was fun chore day. I told the kids Thursday night, 'We're going to have so much fun tomorrow! It's Fun Friday!' They got really excited until I told them what Fun Friday was. It was cleaning the entire house together. Brandon said, 'I miss all the fun!' The kids were really helpful, though. We really did have a good time helping each other clean the entire house. And as their reward...I gave them each 250 points. They loved that!

Saturday the boys and I went grocery shopping while Brandon and the girls used his Father's Day gift card at Borders and Jamba Juice. For Father's Day we gave Brandon gifts he could use with his kids. The girls gave him a Borders card and Jamba Juice gift card. They spent the day together. And Saturday night he spent with the boys at a Reno Aces Baseball game. They had a lot of fun. The girls and I watched a movie and did our nails. We didn't get to bed till the boys came home about 11:00pm. We are really going to be tired tomorrow!