August 23, 2009

New School Year

One of the things I love about new school years are Father's Blessings. Every year, the day before school starts, Brandon gives each of our children a blessing. I love these blessings. They are so personal and hopefully show our children how much their father loves them. They also testify that their Heavenly Father loves them and wants them to be happy. And every year, Brandon gives me a blessing as well.

Our children are growing up so quickly but in a good way. We are so pleased with the choices they are making, the friends they are choosing to hang around, and the good examples they are to those around them. Along with growing kids...we have realized that our family is entering a new stage in life. We no longer have babies with dirty diapers, bottles, and sleepless nights. We have independent, potty-trained kids who on a rare occasion get out of their bed and ask for a drink in the middle of the night. Will we miss the baby bearing years? Sort of but not all the hard work that parents put into it. And we are embracing this new stage...that's really all we can do because it's here whether we want it or not. And it's fun.

We have new challenges and are learning new and different things. We are stretched a little bit more but in a good way. And we are trying to stay close to our Savior. And to follow his example. By having a strong foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can be a happy family. We are grateful to be here in Dayton so that we can be reminded of what is really important. To get back to basics and realize once again what OUR priorities are. And our priorities are Family and God. They are at the very top of our list. Number 1 and 2. It's not about keeping up with the 'Jones' and getting our kids into every sport, dance class, or piano class. It's not about the latest fade that I have to have because so and so has it. And that is why I love Dayton. We are so far out of touch with the coolest gadgets and toys, clothing and home decor...that it's become unimportant. As it should be.

August 17, 2009

Eleventh week of summer

Last week of summer. We better live it up...or down. Which ever is fine by me.

Sunday. Today Ford's Sunbeam teacher gave each of her students a scripture bag, that she made, with a BofM inside. He was so excited about that when he saw me coming down the hall at church he yelled, 'Mom! Look what my teacher gave me! Scriptures!' He proceeded to pull out his BofM and opened it to the very first page, a blank sheet of paper. On it she had written to each child. She told them that she had a testimony of Jesus Christ. And that she loved them. I got all teary eyed and thought, 'I love Jeanni!' I looked at him as I read these sweet words to him and he smiled so big. I told him that his teacher must really love him to give him a BofM. He said, 'Yeah. She does.' Thanks, yet again, Jeanni, for helping me raise my son in righteousness. You are heaven sent. And we love you, too.

Monday. I was suppose to go running with Kendra this morning but at 5:30 I woke up with a headache and stuffy nose. And after I texted her I fell asleep till 8:15. Then quickly got out of bed and threw the youngest ones in the shower and got Makinley ready for her Princess Party at the Workmans. I had an hour to do her hair and make-up and get her dressed. Then it was out the door and drop her off. Jenni and I traded kids. She took Makinley and I took Oakley and Kobey. They didn't want to stay for a Princess Party. I couldn't understand why? LOL. I told them next time they could use Kennidy's Halloween costumes and dress up like princesses too. They didn't really like my idea. Oh well. Brandon called and left a message this morning letting me know that his day quickly went to pot and he won't be home till really late. Like way past our bedtime late. We'll postpone FHE till tomorrow night. Adam is doing a skit on Heavenly Father's creation. After he had done this he will have earned his Religious Square Knot, 2 Red bead, Bear Badge, 1 Gold Arrow, and 1 Silver. Way to go, Adam. We are so proud of you. You are doing so well in Cub Scouts. Keep up the good work!

Tuesday. Lazy days? I can't remember doing anything today. I think Adam may have played with Kobey. And it's possible that Kirsten and Raquel came over. I know Adah and Madelyn came over sometime this week too but I can't remember which day.

Wednesday. Picked up 50lbs. of peaches this afternoon. Holy Cow. Kendra and I will be busy, busy Friday. We're canning all these fuzzy beauties. Can't wait. But that's a whole lot of peaches.

Thursday. Those peaches from Minton Farms are soo good. Brandon and I can't stop eating them but we better get control of ourselves or we won't have any to can! Oh, a doctor's appointment and Sand Harbor.

Friday. Canning Peaches! Kendra and I started pretty early with canning. And it was more fun doing it together than on our own. Her mom came down from Reno to watch her kids while mine watched a lot of tv and played the Wii. But we were done in about 3 hours. I forgot how pretty they are after they come out of the hot bath. I just love the reddish orange color they take on. The only thing I am concerned about is that they're not sealing. I think I timed them wrong because when I looked in my cookbook it said to only time them when the water is boiling. Only one has sealed and I have 10 that aren't. The book says to give them 12 to 24 hours to seal so I'll wait till tomorrow and then get stressed. Brandon took Logan and Dakota out for a game of golf and he really had a great time with these 2 young men. We took Kennidy to see the homeroom/core lists at the middle school before leaving for the temple. She's pretty bummed because Emma is not in her core. At the middle school they divide the 6th graders into 2 cores. Each core has 4 teachers that the students change between. It's a bit different but whatever. Kennidy is going to watch the kids tonight and we feel confident she will do a great job while we're at the temple. We did have to set some ground rules to help her and the kids. We came really late but everyone was in bed and nothing bad to report. Thanks, Kennidy. As we were coming in the gate, Brandon said, 'We don't have to take our babysitter home!' To which I replied, 'I know! She can spend the night!' We are entering a new stage in our lives and their are somethings we don't want to see change but other things we are really looking forward to.

Saturday. This morning at 8:00am we went to the Ward Garden. This is a first for us and we really enjoyed ourselves. We picked huge tomatoes and corn. Threw rocks over a fence, plowed some land, picked corn, fed some cattle cornstalks, and learned about the anatomy and physiology of corn. It was quite interesting. Like do you know how to tell how many kernals are on a cob? You count the number of silk threads it has and that is the same number of kernals. Wow! I didn't know that. Anyway...we had a fun time helping Bro. Hurst. We were late, along with others, and had to sing a song. But it was worth it. We went back home to clean, clean, clean the house before our big end of the summer BBQ. And what fun that was. The BBQ, not so much the cleaning. We ended up inviting 6 families. 45 min. before we were to start Brandon gets a call from the EQ Pres., whose family is coming over for our BBQ, and says that there is someone who needs help moving items into a storage unit. One look at the storage unit and the contents of the U-Haul and Brandon turned around and called me. 'This is a mess and we won't be done for a couple of hours. What do you want to do.' Luckily for us 3 of the 6 men invited were with him. So I just said, 'We'll start without you.' I said some other things to but I only want to remember the positive. So I called their families and said come over anyway and we'll see them when we see them. I have to thank Dan and Mike for helping with the BBQ meat and corn. You guys rock! I also have to thank Emily for letting us borrow her newly filled propane tank. We'll replace it but thanks for letting us use it. You're such a great neighbor and we love you. The kids had so much fun on the slip and slide and with the water balloons. And just being together and running around. I think we're all looking forward to school starting and this was a great way to end the summer. With yummy food and great friends. The men finally came back and all was well. They enjoyed their food and a friendly competition of Ping-Pong.

August 12, 2009

Tenth week of summer

Monday. The kids and I, Workmans, and Heussers all went to the tennis courts this morning. The ladies played tennis for 2 1/2 hours. Paula only beating me by 5 points. I was so excited because at one point we were tied! I am okay losing to her by 5 pts. The kids were amazing. They all played so well together and for such a long was so great. By the time we were leaving I felt like jumping into a nice cold pool. It was really getting hot. Later we went to the Virginia City pool with the Workmans. Man, that water was cold. But we warmed up to it and the kids were going off the diving board and doing flips and everything. Jenni even got in the action with a back flip! WOW! I can't even claim to even know how to do that. We had a great time playing in the pool. And by the end of the day, Jenni and I were ready for our naps. We had a great FHE about personal prayer by Brandon. He had us search the BofM index and look up scriptures that talked about prayer. It's always a great reminder to me of how important prayer is and how many blessings it helps us with.

Tuesday. I got my hair done. Nothing fancy.

Wednesday. Last trip to the dentist for fillings. I am so glad this is all taken care of. Hopefully our next appointment, in six months, will only be for cleanings. I don't think I can take another trip down cavity lane. Oi. Cub Scouts this afternoon and we canceled Kennidy's piano lesson due to poor time management on our parts. She didn't practice all weekend...meaning Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I called her teacher and he said that was fine and that he was trying to figure out a fall schedule. We're hoping for Mondays!

Thursday. Lake Tahoe. Brandon forgot to take our beach umbrella out of his truck so I had to drive 30 min. past our Sand Harbor exit to get it. But it was so worth it. That lake sun can be brutal. I got there later than anticipated but our cove wasn't too crowded. But about 15 min later it was packed. Thanks, Kendra, for saving us a spot. Kendra, Star, and Bridgette all braved the 'jumping rocks'. Kendra went twice and I really wanted to go but couldn't muster enough courage. It's okay. Maybe the last week of summer I will. Wait. That's next week. We had fun, as always. The waves were coming in pretty good today. And there was even a man who stayed out in the water too long, got hypothermia, and the rangers, lifeguards, and EMT's all came. They laid him about 20 feet from our towels. It was really scary. For him. 2 little kids walked over and asked the female EMT, who had put an IV in the man's arm, 'Is he gonna be okay?' She said, 'Yes. He's just resting right now.' That was our drama for the entire summer. And one is enough. I really do hope that he will be okay. Lucky for him, he was wearing his life jacket and there were so many people on the beach and in the water that only 2 people noticed that he was signaling for help. Scary. Anyway...that was our day.

Friday. Honestly can't remember. Brandon had a temple trip with the youth. I played early morning tennis with Jenni and we ended up talking for a while after. That normally happens with us. Thank goodness it's summer. Her girls were suppose to host a Princess Party but 2 of her kids came down with tummy aches.

Saturday. Played soccer this morning with some ladies. Today I surprize Kennidy with a trip to Tru Hair Studio for highlights. She was so excited and surprized! Brandon and I thought it would be a nice treat for her since she is such a great help to us with babysitting and doing lots of small things around the house for us. And starting 6th grade. That's huge. We love you so much, Kennidy. And appreciate all you do to help our family! That afternoon we went to our Ward Activity. BBQ and water games. What fun. We had fresh tomatoes and corn from our ward garden. They were so tasty. I told Bro. Hurst we'd come next Saturday to harvest tomatoes. My plants don't get the water consistancy they really need so they aren't producing much. I think next year we will make a space in our backyard for some planter boxes.

August 03, 2009

Ninth week of summer

Sunday. Brandon got a new calling as YM President. He is still the Gospel Doctrine teacher too. I am sure eventually they'll release him but hasn't happened yet. I gave my presidency message in RS and I think it went well. Following the spirit is always a good way to go. My talk was entitled 'Come Take Your Place'. And how each of us is here for a purpose. We all have a divine potenial and we must live up to it.

Monday. Back to the dentist for fillings! Oh joy. The kids did really well. I am so proud of all of them. I got a floride perscription for all of them and we will be starting it tonight. One more appointment and we'll be done with cavities for a while. A long, long, long while I hope. It was fun to see the Workmans there. We came home and took Kennidy to Emma's house to play and invited the Johnson's over to play in the sprinkler. We really need another slip and slide. Our's busted last year from all the usage it received.

Tuesday. Tennis. Lake Tahoe with the Workmans, Johnsons, and Fraisers. Our morning started off on the chilly side but soon warmed up that even the moms needed to get in the water. The lake wasn't too cold. It actually was pretty perfect. There was a sand scupturist a few yards away who making a really cool wall. Adam and Kobey had fun jumping of 'the diving rock', eating, digging in the sand, and playing with ants. Raquel and Makinley had fun going out to the rocks with Adah and Madelyn. Seth and Rhys took a nap. And the moms sat in the tubes near shore and talked. Oh the life.

Adam and KobeyWall of Sand'What did ya catch?''A Crawdad!'Madelyn, Makinley, and AdahCute Seth!Makinley and RaquelKennidyAdah and Ford chillaxin.

Wednesday. This morning Paula, Jenni, and I played tennis. I am so competitive. If I don't win...or am losing...I get super moody. Temper Tantrum. It was bad. Then Paula asked if we wanted to hike C-Hill. In Carson City, there is a 'C' up on the hill with an American flag above it. It was pretty steep but the we made it. Thanks, Paula. You really helped me get out of my mood and think of others rather than my poor tennis skills. It really was a pretty hike. We could almost see the entire valley.

All Ford wanted was to make it to the 'flag'. 'Can I lay on it?' 'Can I put my tummy on it?'The Group...Adam, Brady, Jaynie, Kennidy, Makinley, Ford, and EmmaCarson CityPaula and Staci...eeuuw...I need to lose about 15lbs!

After our hike we stopped for Slushies at Sonic! Oooh, I haven't been there in a while. The kids ordered 2 Watermelon, an Orange, and a Poweraide Slushie. And I ordered an Orange Cream Slushie. They tasted so good. Then Makinley went to play at the Heussers with Emma while Jaynie and Brady came home with us. I totally forgot about Kennidy's piano lesson until her teacher rang the doorbell. Ooops! The house was a bit messy. So while she had her lesson I cleaned up. Then made No Bake Cookies with Jaynie. Cub Scouts and Activity Days at 3:30. This is reminding me that fall is coming soon. Or at least school. Back to schedules and sports and holidays! I love fall.

Thursday. RS mtg and Costco. It was cold and rainy today with a high of 71. Very unusual for August. While Kennidy and I went to Costco, the other kids spent the day with the Workmans and Heussers. They basically played all day. Much more fun than grocery shopping. Thanks, Jenni!
Friday. 'Cleaning the house is fun to do! Fun to do, to do, to do. Cleaning the house is fun to do. To do, to do, to do!' We got it done and now we can play the rest of the day. Adam is having a boys late night tonight with Kobey, Oakley, and Brady. So from 3-10:30pm they will be livin' it up! Party! Meanwhile, the rest of us will be heading into Reno for some school clothes shopping.

Saturday. Brandon joined the youth for a beach day at Nevada Beach up in Tahoe. I hope he remembers to put sunscreen on. We kind of kicked back and had a lazy day.

August 02, 2009


Last Monday, Kennidy and Makinley gave a great lesson on following the prophets. They had everything prepared. As we were sitting there listening to Kennidy speak, I couldn't help but marvel at how mature she is. I have always know this but today she seemed older. She bore her testimony of the importance of prophets and how we need to follow their counsel. Brandon and I looked at each other knew what the other was thinking. We are so proud of Kennidy and the choices she is making in her life. She is truly a daughter of God and is so much more righteous than I was at her age. I am so grateful to have the knowledge of the gospel and to work hand in hand with primary teacher who have the same goals in teaching my children to live and make good choices.

Eighth week of summer

Tuesday. Sand Harbor with the Workmans. The kids have so much more fun at the lake with friends. There was a good group of us and it was pretty hot. The water is warming up and just the perfect temperature for me to want to get in. Kennidy and I went out pretty far on the tube. She pretended she could touch the rocks beneath when in all actuality they were pretty far down. Adam, Kobey, Oakley, and Kennidy took turns jumping off the lower rocks and just had fun climbing and exploring. While Makinley, Kirsten, Ford, and Raquel had so much fun closer to shore. On this particular beach, you can walk out 30-35 feet and it's still only at your thighs. I love it. And so did the kids. They thought it was cool to be out so far and still be able to touch. We had a great time, as always. And then headed down into Carson for Kennidy's ortho. appointment. Then we were off to Wal-Mart and home. I love relaxing summer days. They're the best.

Wednesday. Dentist. This was not a fun trip for me or the kids. Just thinking about the word cavity makes me cringe. It wasn't pretty. Wednesday night Kennidy was jumping off our bed and sprained her ankle. We kept ice on it all night. We hope it's not broken. So let's skip to Thursday.

Thursday. Played Tennis with Jenni. That afternoon Doctor Wayne came over with his P.A. Oakley to check Kennidy's ankle. It hadn't swelled that much. I was actually feeling pretty good about it. She layed around watching movies and reading books. Wayne said it wasn't broken or factured and that tomorrow she should start to walk on it a little.

Friday. We layed low today again because the kids were going to the Workmans tonight while we go to the temple with the Workmans and the Jones. I love sharing a babysitter. Next year Kennidy will be able to do it all by herself but it's much more enjoyable for the kids to play with their friends. We had such a great time on the ride to and from the temple with the Jones. They are so funny. We really do love you guys. And don't worry...we'll call you again!

Saturday. We tackled the garage today. I organized our food storage cans so that they are grouped by food. All the fruits on one shelf. Veggies on another. And so on. I love organizing things. It gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment. I'm insane I know. But I am confident that there are others out there just like me. So I don't feel mental. It feels so good to have our garage clean. Thanks, Brandon for all your hard work. And thanks for keeping those sleeping bags! Emergency preparedness! And we finally got our 72 hour kits out to the garage. They've been in our bedroom for the last year. They have a shelf of their own now. Now if I could just keep up with the laundry and the dishes. Oi!