May 26, 2011

Math Olympics 2011

The end of the school years bring so many award ceremonies and events for the kids.  Today...was Math Olympics!  I was excited, once again, for Adam.  The first year we were here he wasn't all that excited about Math Olympics.  However, as the years have gone by his confidence in math has increased.  He is really good at math!  And Adam proved it today...getting 2nd place!  His friends, Ben and Timothy, got 1st and 3rd respectively.  Way to go, Adam.  Dad and I are so proud of you!

May 25, 2011

Super Students 2011

Last night we attended the Super Student Awards at DES.  Both Adam & Makinley were awarded Super Student of the Year...along with a bunch of other kids.  We are so proud of our children.  Every year they put all their efforts into making good choices and working hard.  We couldn't have asked for better kids that these.

May 01, 2011

Mammoth Anniversary Weekend

It's a good thing we had planned to go out of town for our anniversary because on our actual anniversary...we didn't even have time to go to dinner.  We didn't have time the evening after either!  But nothing was going to stand in our way this weekend.
We planned a Mammoth weekend with the Petersons and we were sooooooo excited!  We left Friday morning after dropping kids off at the Workmans (our kids may have been more excited to stay with the Workmans than we were to go to Mammoth.  They LOVE the Workmans and we are so glad they do because they are great friends).  
So we left (discovered a few things on the ride...our husbands want to get lost in the mountains somewhere as long as they have their bag of Cheetos, Tyler talks a lot because of Bridget, our kids do hilarious things, learn about kissing in kindergarten) and got into Mammoth about 1:30.  
We went to lunch.  Then to see if our hotel was available for early check in.  Our lucky day!  After dropping our luggage off, we decided a tour was in order.  We found some restaurants, over priced shops, and some outlet stores with some pretty good deals.  So we took advantage.  Brandon got a suit for $100.  Todd got some socks for $1.80.  I got my traditional magnet for $6.00 (not such a good deal).  And Bridget got some cool hiking/water shoes for 60% off!  I got locked out of the dressing room...with all my clothes on...and only the 4 of us know that story.  Todd found Brandon a t-shirt that read: Ski Naked.  It'll add color to your cheeks.  
When we were finished laughing, trying on clothes, and laughing some more...we headed to do some snow shoeing.  And laughed some more.  Full moons that could have been prevented if there was sun involved.  All that kind of good stuff.  

Snow Shoeing was soooooo fun.  We hiked straight up this steep hill that had a waterfall right in the middle of it.  It was so pretty.  The entire landscape was just so peaceful and gorgeous.
After our snow shoeing, Bridget was starving so we decided to go to Grumpy's Sports Bar.  The food was soooo good.  Bridget and I ordered the Cowgirl Steak.  It was the best steak I've had in a loooooooong time.  Medium rare and so tender.  Bridget and I were in steak heaven.  Don't even remember what the conversations were but I remember the steak!
We hurried back to the hotel because we wanted to get in the hot tubs!  It was so cold by the time we got back and I really didn't want to get into a bathing suit but it was totally worth it.  Almost too worth it.  Our bodies became so hot that none of us really slept well.  Now I'm not saying the hot tub was to blame...just maybe being in it too long was.
The next morning we got ready to brave the Mammoth Mountain!  SOOOoooo exciting!  And after purchasing our tickets and taking 30 mins to figure out our locker situation...we were finally on the slopes.  It was beautiful weather.  A bit windy in the morning but by 11 it was perfect.  I think we all took at least one good spill each.  I have a huge bruise on my knee cap to prove my wipeout.  But it was either wipeout or die!  Literally!  On one side of me was a cliff and on the other was an ice wall.  I chose to crash into the ice wall instead of going over the cliff!  I watched Todd wipeout!  It looked worse than he thought it was.  I didn't see Bridget or Brandon.  We had such a fun time and on the way home...we were quiet and sleeping.

Sunday morning I woke up with a sore neck.  But other than that I felt great.  Happy and content.  I really needed this get away.  Thanks, Petersons for going with us.  We had a great time.