November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We started November with our Thankful Tree. Every night we wrote what we were thankful for on leaves then put them on our 'tree'. It was interesting to see what things the kids could come up with. They did an awesome job. And our tree is full now. I love it.

As one of our pre-dinner activities we had others add what they were thankful for and this made our day a little more special.

For Thanksgiving we had some delicious food and great company. Our table was filled with tons of food.

Thanksgiving Menu
Turkey and Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes and Gravey
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potatoes
Pinapple Jello
Cranberry Jello
Emilie's Yummy Rolls
Cheeseballs and Crackers
Veggie Platter with Ranch Dip
Pumpkin Cheescake
Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin Roll
Dutch Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Our friends the Workmans and Larkins came over along with Brandon's parents and 2 sisters, Leah and Emilie.

Thanks to everyone who made something to share! I was sad that my stomach couldn't hold more. But I made up for it later...and the next day...and the day after that. I need recipes, please!

Friday- We went up to South Lake and did some ice skating. The kids really enjoyed it. So did Grandma Creswell. K even dared to twirl. Way to go! We had lunch at Fire and Ice and that was so yummy. We didn't eat much but I think we were still stuffed from Thanksgiving. We had a great time. And the weather could't have been more perfect!

Saturday- We went with the Workmans to cut down our Christmas Tree. Back up the hill to Spooner Lake. We searched and searched for the perfect tree. I wanted a tall full one. Brandon picked one out and asked if it was okay. Well...if you're going to ask...I didn't fall in love with it and to my surprise he says...'Well we could go down to Michaels and pick a nice tall full tree out.' Sarcasm! Anyway...after some friendly husband/wife banter...K and I found it. We found a perfectly tall and full pine tree. Wayne and Jenni found one too...after their husband/wife banter. Brandon and Wayne strapped them into the truck and we were off. When we got home Wayne was needed to help bring the tree inside our house. We had to move furniture but we got it in. And I love it! It's so beautiful. It's so big in fact that we don't have enough ornaments to cover it. This is not something new. I have always had the intentions of making twice the number of ornaments but have never gotten around to it. So the front of all our trees was the only part decorated. This was is much taller than anyone we've had before so it really looks sparse. But we have plans for a popcorn/cranberry garland and other homemade ornaments. I can't wait to get started. Thanks Brandon for cutting down such a great looking tree.
We had such a great weekend with family and friends. May God bless all of our friends everywhere this holiday season. We love and miss you all!

November 22, 2008



Okay so I have made it quite clear that I wasn't nuts about the cast for this movie. Nevertheless, I went with some girlfriends last night.

Overall...I liked it. The movie did a good job in following the book. I was disappointed with the casting and acting. Low budget films are never the best but hopefully with the money made from this one the next 3 will be better. With this's probably kind of hard to play 'fantasy roles'.

Cast...Bella was good, I thought. I really liked the simplicity of her character. Edward was still yuk! Alice was okay. Jasper...looked like a deer in headlights and Kendra said, 'He looks like Edward Scissor Hands.' Oh I LOL! The vampire family as a whole was disappointing. Too pale, too ordinary. Nothing striking like some actors and actresses. I did like Charlie. He was casted very well. Jacob...have you ever seen 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl'? Hello Shark Boy! When I first saw him all I could picture was a character with spiky hair and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. I had to laugh. I will be interested to see how they morf him into a werewolf. Oh and who's the oldest werewolf...I can't remember his name right now but in the book, if I remember correctly...he was buff. Sam. In the movie he was the exact opposite. I pictured him much differently and was a little disappointed with him. He didn't strike me as a leader.

Moving on...acting and special effects. Oh my.

Likes:The first kiss was done really well. In fact all their intimate moments were done rather nicely. They made me feel like they were really in love and couldn't be without the other. The attraction on screen was done very well. I call it the Lust Factor.

The running scene. I really liked these. I liked seeing that the women had just as much power and the men. Crackling fly balls, thunderous collisions...very well done.

Bella's narration. This was a good touch. A majority of the book was in her head. So I thought this was good.

High School scenes were done well.

Bella's house was better than I had pictured in my head. I was pleasantly surprised. And I loved all the green. Green grass, green trees, green fern plants, green moss.

I thought it was cool that the Edward's character actually wrote the piano piece he played in the movie. That was a nice touch.
Because the movie stayed rather close to the book...I will see the rest of the movies.
It was funny. I have to say I laughed at the cheesy, corny, and even the actual funny parts.
Dislikes:You know the scene where Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella's arm? When he kept sucking...he had a look on his face that made us laugh. It was almost...too much. He looked wildly possesed.

Remember the meadow scene? What meadow scene? Oh yeah the one in the book where Edward shows Bella what happens to his skin when the light hits it! Oh I loved that 'scene' in the book! Jeannette heard bells chiming when Edward's skin started sparkling. I missed this because I was once again laughing at the way it was done. Corney is a word that comes to mind.

I would have like to see the van accident in slow motion. Edward's speed...I picture Clark Kent's speed...rushing slow moe....stopping the van with his palm and making ripples in it's steel exterior. It was too fast.

I missed the character development that you get from the books.

Carlisle grew on us. But he looked like a clown at first appearance, according to Kendra. There were some scenes that he looks natural as a vampire could look.

Edward's dialogue was almost forced. I didn't get any indication of his being hundreds of years old. There was nothing odd about the way he talked...nothing 18th century...he actually sounded like he didn't know English and was trying to find the correct words. Kendra said he sounded mentally challenged.

I would have like to see Bella a little more clumsy.
Critic...I liked it. I didn't love it. But is as satisfying. I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD.

November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me! I turned Thirty Three!

Oddly enough...I don't get sad about my age. I mean...I have more friends older than me than I have younger and I look up to each one of them so when I have a birthday...I still feel young.

Brandon and the kids got me a wonderful birthday present. A snowboard, boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, and a nice pair of socks. I am so excited to use them. We decided to give A and K a Snowboarding package for Christmas. Through the school...they can get 6 days of skiing, 12 hours of lessons, all day lift tickets, rentals, and 6 Fridays off from school! And I get to go with and learn to snowboard! I am so excited for all of us.

And a Happy Happy Birthday to my friend, Jenn. You are amazing and I hope your day is the same. Love you!

November 17, 2008

Date Night

Friday, Brandon and I met some couples at B'sghettis for dinner. We had never eaten there before but were very optimistic. We like trying new things. Brandon ordered the Chicken Parmesean and I orded the 'Bada Bing' pizza. It was so yummy.
Then we were off to see 'Quantum of Solace'...the new James Bond movie.

We had a great time at dinner...laughing, talking about whatever...our favorite and least favorite foods...I love getting together with Patricia, Larry, Andy, and Christine. I always have fun with them.

The movie was good. I liked 'Casino Royale' a little better. More of a story line. This one was action packed, though. Lots of...moving things, things blowing up...your typical Bond movie. Good times. By the time we got home, all the kids were in bed and the house was so quiet. We were shocked that they were all in bed and asleep. Way to go, Elena! And thanks, Larry, Patricia, Christine, and Andy for hanging out with us. We had a great time!

November 12, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Nine years ago today, A was born! We were so excited to have a baby boy and Brandon couldn't wait to teach him how to play basketball and football...any sport for that matter.

Here's a list of A's top 10 list of things he likes to do:

1. Play with his friends. (Kobey Workman, especially)

2. XBox 360 Star Wars Lego

3. Collect Pokemon Trading Cards

4. Go to Cub Scouts (He's a BEAR!)

5. Being in Mrs. Benson's 3rd grade class

6. Enjoys the company of his siblings...especially during 'quiet time' on Sunday afternoons

7. Going to Lake Tahoe in the summer

8. Baseball is his favorite sport

9. Transformer Chess

10. Getting presents for his birthday
Happy Birthday, A. We love you and hope your day is awesome!

November 10, 2008

HEART my friends and my husband

You all made me feel so much better about our family pictures. I am so glad that I am not the ONLY one is this world that has issues. Thank you for sharing and easing my frustration. All is right in my world now.

Our first attempt at the Lake was 10 times better...I came to find out after the 2nd attempts failure...and we will be sending one of those pictures out with our Christmas cards.

It's funny for me to think that last year...November first...I was completely done with my Christmas cards and mailed them off on December first. This year I am so behind on everything. Gifts, cards...everything. However, I have a smile on my face and a family who love me.

I've been battling a cold this weekend and loving best friend, gave me a great gift. Sunday is a day of mtgs., before and after church, for me so Brandon got the kids ready for church, complete with hair bows for the girls and a faux hawk for F. They looked so handsome coming into church. After church he took them home and fed them lunch. When I came home the kids were in 'quiet time' and so I quickly got a bite to eat and then got into bed to rest. Brandon made sure the kids stayed in 'quiet time' and when 'quiet time' was over...he made sure they stayed out of 'mom's room' so I could rest. He made dinner for everyone and got them into their pajamas. He did the dishes and cleared the kitchen table after dinner. After family prayer he took F to his bed and laid down with him until he was fast asleep.

I really take him for granted and yesterday while he was busy doing so many of the things I usually do...tears came to my eyes and my heart tingled with joy for how much I love him. He does so much good for our family. He loves to play and wrestle with the kids and he has such a tender place in his heart for each of us. I am so blessed to have him in my life. So yesterday in the midst of craziness, I thanked my Heavenly Father for sending him to me.

Brandon, you are my best friend. You are the love of my life. My favorite husband (inside joke). The best father for our children and I love you. You do an amazingly fabulous job providing for our family. There are no words than can capture the love and joy you have brought into my life. I hope one day, in the eternities maybe, I will be able to show you how much love I have for you.

November 08, 2008

I Reserve the Right to Vent...

Today we went out to take our family pictures. Again. This was attempt #2. I took lots of pictures but ended up not liking any of them. I can't get a picture of just me and Brandon that I like...and everything is just...wrong. It didn't help that I forgot my tripod today either. Luckily we found a big log and an electrical box to place my camera on. It seems like everyone is always in a bad mood before pictures and I become in a bad mood during and after when I see the finished product.
We went to a railroad track today...hated those pics. And since I haven't taken formal family pictures for over a year...I have gotten out of the habit of setting my camera to the proper settings. It was cloudy and our pictures were all blue. That was an easy fix with my editting program but then the sky is...white. It has no depth to it whatsoever.

I wanted to go back to Lake Tahoe...where we had attempt #1...but last night when Brandon asked where we were going for pictures and I replied 'Lake Tahoe', he gave me a look. An hour drive...with 4 hungry and tired kids...and a not so happy husband because we're taking pictures in the first place...did not sound appealing to me. But I don't want last years picture. We went to the Golf Club 5 min. from our house.

I just want a NICE family picture. This is the only time I ask for one. Some families get a family picture every couple of months. I am totally jealous of those families. Why can't everyone just be HAPPY to take family pictures? What is the big deal? Frustrated...a bit angry...and tired! Lynette, I need you.

November 05, 2008


So on Halloween the kids didn't have school...Nevada we went to the movies. HSM3! We LOVED it. Oh it was so cute with all the new songs and dances. K and I HEART the prom song/scene. I was laughing so hard at the different views girls and guys have about prom.
I also really liked walting on the roof! That was so cute. I thought this movie was made for the big screen. Although I was a little upset that I now had to pay $30 to watch it when we got the Disney Channel specifically for this movie. Oh well. I really thought it was worth it. M's favorite was when Chad and Troy take their younger teammates clothes and make them chase them all around the school. She thought that was pretty funny. I can't wait for this movie to come out on DVD. Hopefully, it will be a Christmas present. We'll see.

I did it!

I finally started my vinyl lettering. I call it...Nicely Put. It was really scary for me but once I had my first party and Super Saturday...I feel much better. I think half of it was nerves. I have asked me friends who placed orders to send me pictures of the vinyl I cut for them so I'll have something to post of my Nicely Put Vinyl Lettering site. Thanks ladies for all your support!

November 02, 2008


Oh how I love Halloween! Our ward Trunk or Treat was fun. Everyone had a 'costume' this year. K was a Nerd. A was Anakin Skywalker. M was a Princess, again. F was the podracing Anakin Skywalker...with a lightsaber. I was a pregnant mom...and Brandon was a pregnant mom's husband.

Every year the elementary school puts on a Halloween parade. I missed most of it this year but the kids had fun and I went to all their classrooms...and wouldn't you know it...lots of treats! No games or crafts...I was sad once again. But on with Halloween.
We went trick or treating with the Heussers and the Workmans. Minus Jenni who was relaxing in Utah with her mom and sister. So Wayne had all his kids. I love this picture of Wayne with ALL the kids. Super dad!

We hadn't been out long when F decided he was done.
Mom: 'F, do you want to go to this house?'
F: 'No. I'm good.'
Dad: 'F, you need to get more candy for me.'
F: 'No. I have enough candy.'

Oh how we laughed. I don't think I have ever or will ever hear a child say those words again. Too funny. Wayne ended up taking Racquel and F home to play and we finished up the neighborhood with 4 tired parents and 10 giddy kids. We had a lot of fun.