April 29, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

This year's Teacher Appreciation was so fun!  My kids have great teachers.  And our Primary does such a good job in pulling this special night together to recognize these important people in our kids lives.

Adam invited Miss Dakin (Gifted and Talented teacher) and Mrs. Kranjcec (Cran-check, 4th grade teacher).

Makinley invited Mrs. Bailey (2nd grade teacher), Sister Moore (Piano teacher), and Sister Thomassen (Primary teacher).  Sadly, only Mrs. Bailey was able to come.

Ford invited his soccer coach, Sister Peterson.  He just loves her.

Thanks to all our teachers.  Brandon and I so appreciate EVERYTHING you do to give our children the education that will help them become a force for good in this world.

April 28, 2010

A Mock United Nations

Adam's 4th grade GT class held a Mock United Nations at FES.  It was so cool.  All the kids had to pick a country to do a report on.  Adam chose Peru.  He thought Brandon and I had been there in our travels, but sadly we have not. 

The night before his presentation,  Adam came home from school with an empty board!  Brandon and I were suppose to go out for our anniversary and lucky for Adam we didn't have pressing plans, we did our big activity the night before.  Adam, Brandon, and I were up really late printing out pictures, pasting on facts and letters, and typing up famous people and events reports.

Adam's board finally came together the next morning but it was a battle to the end.  He did a really good job presenting and I am so glad it's over.  The kids did a parade march with their flags and then divided up into continents to give their countries report.  Adam and Chase were in the same group.  Chase reported on Ecuador.  He did a really good job, too. 

All the parents were asked to make a dish from their child's country for a tasters table.  I made Peruvian Caramel Cookies.  They were kind of yummy.  Probably won't ever make them again cause it was an all day task.  I really liked the Baklava.

April 27, 2010

14th Anniversary

14 years ago, I married my best friend.  And why did I choose Brandon?  Well let me tell you.  
When I turned 20, I knew I’d have to start making grown up decisions.  And in order for me to do this I was going to have to know what I wanted.  In the marriage category...this is what I wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less:
WANTED: A tall, handsome, good humored young man who loves God, family, and me.  Must have a strong testimony and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a desire to do good.  Must be willing to forgive my faults and help me be a better person.  Must want a family and be willing to help around the house.  Must be willing to do most of the cooking.  Culinary talents are a plus.  Need to be patient, loving, and kind.  Hard working is a must.  Much sacrifice will be required as you choose a career that allows me to stay home with our children.  Must finish college.  Must take me to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity (and all that entails). 
Brandon fit the bill.  But he also came with many other desiring traits.
Knowledge - from books, college, employment
Helps around the house - Brandon does dishes, laundry, toilets, baseboards, paints, cooks, vacuums, bathes and grooms our kids, takes out the trash, washes windows, mows lawn, waters grass, goes grocery shopping...just to name a few of the things he does around the house.
Gives Service - to anyone he is aware of.  Magnifies his YM’s calling and all other callings he’s had.
Temple - he takes me to the temple once a month.  Especially when we’re in a different state.
Sarcasm - this was not in my ‘Wanted’ ad but he has it and sometimes it makes me laugh.
Love of Sports - basketball, baseball, tennis, racquetball, football, golf, skiing 
Willing to try new things - mountain biking, experiencing Spain with me, relocating for job, new and sometimes experimental dinners
Enthusiasm and Excitement - loves to get gifts for his family. 
Loyalty, Charity, Honor, Honesty, Compassion, Responsibility - these are just some of Brandon’s attributes.  Through his words and deeds, I am privy to these attributes on a daily basis.  Through working to support his family and so that I can stay home with our children...he shows Responsibility.  By giving blessings to our family and others, passing the sacrament, attending the temple...he shows Honor for the priesthood, God, and Jesus Christ.  And by showing this honor...he is showing Loyalty, Charity, Honesty.  Brandon loves his calling with the YM in our ward.  And has a desire to serve them to the best of his ability.  He loves them unconditionally which shows his Charity for them.  He has Compassion for those he has a stewardship over.  Whether they be members of our family or not.  Brandon has shown compassion for family members on various occasions and has taught me that this compassion enables us to have Charity for others...the pure love of Christ.
Unconditional Love and Devotion - I think this man has more love for me than I know or realize.  He shows this by simple acts of kindness like: 
chic-flick movies 
new york cheesecake ice cream 
kisses every morning
wanting to watch ‘Chuck’ with me 
asking about the daily schedule before scheduling something fun for him 
gifts for the kids 
rough housing with the kids
smiling at me just because
reading scriptures in bed before going to bed (not together but side by side) 
monthly temple trips 
family home evenings spur of the moment 
eating dinner together as a family (most nights)
driving to church together
sitting in church together 
watching a movie whilst folding clothes together 
taking family pictures with a good attitude
slowing the car down so I could take pictures out the window 
going to crowded places like Disneyland/Legoland with us (he hates crowds) 
making sure we have everything we NEED (new sports bras) and many of our WANTS (too many to list)
juggling work so that he can help me juggle kids and their sports 
not ever forgetting our anniversary, mother’s day, birthday
asking if I’m happy
vacationing with me
having a desire to do activities with me (tennis, mountain biking, racquetball)
encouraging me to try new things (mountain biking, vinyl lettering, photography) so that I can learn and grow
getting me gifts even when I tell him not to (He says this is his ‘thing’. He like to do it)
taking an interest in our kids (school, sports, church, friends, interest)
taking Adam golfing
being involved with kid’s sports (keeping time, coaching)
father’s blessings (new school year, illnesses, blessings of comfort for me, too, baby blessings)
baptizing 2 of our children, so far (2 more to go)
doing the dishes
getting the kids to do their chores
helping kids patiently with homework
taking my van through the carwash
going to Costco with me
calling me on the phone in the middle of his day (for a reason or not)
holding my hand in public (even if it means people will think we’re together)
supporting me in my callings at church
helping to make our marriage work...one day, one month, one year at a time.

Happy 14th Anniversary, Brandon.  You make me happy every day of my life.  I am so thankful for you.

April 17, 2010

Babe Ruth?

Makinley chose baseball again this season over soccer.  She moved up to machine pitch and is doing really well.  She has a great swing!  Makinley plays all over...2nd base, left field, and pitcher.
Go Yankees!

Bend It Like Beckham

(Ford's Team)

Got Oranges?

Road Runners
(Adam's Team)

(Kennidy's Team)
I love our banner! I got the hawk image from online and cut it out in felt. Sewed it to the banner Laura made and then used my silhouette to cut out the words 'Hawks' and ironed it on! We had all the kids sign it and they really thought it was cool! I love it.

April 10, 2010

Spring Piano Recital

Kennidy and Makinley started taking piano lessons with Leah Moore this year and love it.  Sis. Moore is super talented and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.  I’m even going to start taking from her.  The girls did really well for their recital and I can’t wait to see their progress next year.

Got Legos?

Plans for Spring Break started 6 months early.  A countdown started 8o days before.  And t-shirts were made 2 nights before departure.  'Where did we go?',  you ask.
LEGOLAND California!
We packed up all the kids @ 6:00am and traveled 9 hours to Newport, California with the Workmans!  What an exciting day.   The kids were great!  They were so excited to finally be going to Legoland.  And after 6 long months of waiting...I was even excited.
We made really good time.  We stopped for lunch at Aunt Rebecca's home in Ridgecrest, where the kids ran around outside in the nice 'California sun'.  We couldn't have asked for better travel weather.  We experienced some roller coaster roads, car sickness, funny pics on the computer, movies, music from our iPods, and didn't need half the snacks we brought!
We finally got to Marriott's Newport Coast Villas and were so excited to see the ocean, Aunt Meme, and miss the after shocks of Baja's 6.7 earthquake.
Jenni and I prepared a special Easter Feast upon arrival (Tri-tip, baked potatoes, salad, homemade rolls, Emily's High Calorie But So Yummy Fruit Salad, Green Bean Casserole, and Nutty Buddies for dessert.) and while everything cooked...we went out on our traditional 'tour of the property'. Newport couldn't have been more beautiful.  Aunt Meme got us 'to-die-for villas' with breathe taking views of the ocean and close to the basketball courts, put-put golf, sandbox, and playground.  Everything was gorgeous!  We were going to have a great Spring Break.

We decided to take in the resort today.  The kids were dying to go swimming...so after tennis, fun at the arcade, a game of giant chess and pool, painting fun in Triton's Cave, and a light rain shower...Jenni and I got to play tennis.  In the rain.  After getting soaked we headed back to the villas to shower.
Makinley, Kennidy, Kobey, Ford, Adam, Kirsten, Raquel, and Oakley

Adam trying to get the fish to bite his finger.

Wayne and Brandon
Our adventures were just beginning.  I got dressed and headed down to the pool where my kids were happy as clams swimming in the hot tubs.  Jenni and I watched the kids play while Brandon and Wayne played in the 2 man Ping Pong Tournament.  I don't know who won...but they took 1st and 2nd.  Good job, guys!

I couldn't believe how long the kids stayed in the pools when the weather just wasn't ideal.  Our pool fun ended when Ford lost his inner tube and freaked out in the middle of the hot tub.  As I yelled to Brandon to grab him I found myself jumping in to rescue him...fully dressed.  He never actually went under but was really scared...so we headed back to the villas to get changed and to get warm.
Jenni and I finally got away to go grocery shopping.  And the clouds started to part and 'let the sunshine in'.  It was turning out to be a really pretty day.  When we got back from shopping there were 4 Easter baskets in eack of our rooms.  Jenn Nooney, Brandon's counterpart here in Newport, gave us the leftover baskets from an Easter Activity the resort put on earlier this weekend.  The kids were thrilled and were so excited to see what was in them.  

They all got a beach towel, sand bucket, shovels, a bubble wand, and tons of candy.  They are so spoiled and I told Kennidy so.  She said, 'Dad can never leave Marriott!'  Thanks so much, Jenn.  You sure know how to put smiles on little faces!
We BBQed for dinner.  Hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, soda...and no calls to help anyone move.  

Legoland Day!  The much anticipated day of our break.  The kids woke up early and got dressed in their 'got legos' t-shirts!  We were all excited.  And after many Legoland signs, traffic, and a strawberry patch...we finally arrived.
Creswell Family
This giant giraffe was amazing. All made with legos!
Kennidy and Raquel
Kobey, Adam, Ford, and Oakley ready to eat!

Makinley, Adam, Ford, and Kobey
Kennidy and Raquel
Makinley, Ford, and Raquel with Bob the Builder!
Ford, Makinley, and Kirsten in Washington, D.C. These 'Midtown America' cities were super cool and very detailed. The kids really liked the marching band in front of the capitol building.
Other cities they built included New York, San Fran, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. 
Ford and Staci
Kobey and Jenni
Check out this fire breather! 'WOW', is all I could say.
Oakley and Kennidy

Princess Kennidy
Jenni and Raquel waiting in line for a ride that Raquel wouldn't be able to go on. Poor Raquel had the hardest time because so many rides required you to be 4 or older and at least 40".

Kennidy found her Knight in Lego Armor!
Just before Driving School. Kobey, Kennidy, Makinley, Ford, Adam, Raquel, Kirsten, and Oakley.
'So Happy Together'
Not so happy, Raquel.
Pull Jenni and Ford!
Pull Staci and Kennidy!
Choo Choo!
Kobey with Elvis
On the ride home, we stopped at the Automobile Dinner.  It was heavenly!  Huge burgers, all you can eat fries, sodas, hot cocoas, fish and chips, chicken fingers...oh it was all so yummy.  What did everyone else order?  LOL.  It was simple the perfect ending to a fabulously fun day.

We woke up to another beautiful day in Newport. After tennis, Brandon, Wayne, Jenni, and I were off to the Newport Temple. It was so pretty. Jenni and I loved the dark wood arched doors. I felt like I was in a castle. The wait for initiatories was 30 min. We ended up only getting to do 5 each. But we didn't mind. It was just nice to be there.

I totally look fat at this angle!

 After the temple we packed up all the kids and headed for Crystal Cove.  We had so much fun!  The waves were awesome and the kids enjoyed body surfing and the little ones ran from them.  

Ford and Brandon

Aunt Meme

Kobey and Adam

Brandon blowing bubbles!

Wayne beached!  Love that blue water.
We didn't get enough swimming at the beach so we ended our day poolside.  And thanks to Jenn Nooney, we had $50 to spend at the Bar and Grill.  Hello Pina Coladas and Strawberry  Smoothies.  The youngest ones loved them so much...they were mostly gone by the time the older ones knew about them.  Thanks, Jenn.
Jenni and Staci

Kirsten enjoying that Strawberry Smoothie!
Brandon and Ford

Makinley being thrown by Brandon


Ford lovin that Strawberry Smoothie!

Well, after a fun filled week we headed back home to Dayton, Nevada.  4 days later we got snow and rain.  Gotta love the desert.  You never know what kind of weather you're going to get.  But we sure enjoyed the sunshine in Southern California.  What a great Spring Break!  Thanks for spending time with us, Workmans!  Your family rocks!