January 28, 2010

Snow Much Fun

I was suppose to go snowboarding with Kennidy and Adam today but was 'grounded'. I have been sick and my loving husband didn't want me to get any sicker so I stayed home. And my good friend, Paula, called and asked Ford and I to go sledding. Yeah! She said, 'Bring your snowboard.' So I did. She had a small one Ford tried out. And he was AMAZING! He went down that little hill like a pro. Thanks, Paula, for the pics. I just love them! Ford, you amaze me with your natural abilities!

January 21, 2010

O is for OWL?

Okay so phonetically it's not the best choice for O.  I should have done Octopus.  But I just had to use my Silhouette's cute Owl.  And the kids loved them.  I'll have to see if Quikutz has an Octopus.  Anyway...here are our preschoolers and their OWLS!  Love it!

January 19, 2010

Any excuse to have a BBQ

Brandon asked me at the beginning of last week to call some families to come over for a BBQ on Monday.  So I thought about it and ended up calling 7 families. Only 6 were able to come and we had a great time.

We divided all the food assignments and by Saturday we were almost ready. Brandon didn't think we could fit 43 people in our house but we did! Despite the crummy weather, we had yummy food, great company, and a surprise visit from the police! Apparently, some of our teenage boys decided it would be fun to torment and chase the local geese near our home. Well a neighbor called it in and wanted the police to check it out. So they came. When they saw the Principal of the High School at the door they said, 'We knew you'd be associated with something like this!' What fun.

Our good Bishop's wife, Paula, said she'd never been to such an exciting party before. Well that happens when you have a wild crew...the Bishop, RS President, YM President, and the Principal of Dayton HS. We're crazy!

The boys played football outside in the snow/rain while the little girls played dress up and house. Ford had fallen asleep before the festivities began and was missed for the first hour and a half. His little friends kept asking, 'Is Ford awake?'

We had so much good food I couldn't stop eating.  Or drinking the Caffeine Free Coke that the Petersons brought.  YUM.  And those BYU Mint Brownies!  Thanks for the recipe Kendra.  You were totally thought of by all.  I made an entire cookie sheet of them and put as many as I could fit on 2 plates.  Then I put some aside for our family.  Those brownies were gone in no time.  Along with the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!  

We love having our friends over.  Thanks everyone who came and for bringing food.  We had a great time hanging out and spending time with you.  

Yes, Monday was MLK Day...and Barry said, jokingly, 'I didn't know you guys celebrated MLK Day so big.  I guess I don't have to ask how you voted.'  We didn't vote for the current President but we'll take any excuse to have a BBQ!


Kennidy, Adam, and I have been snowboarding for 2 weeks now. I am reminded why I love it so much. And this week, Mt. Rose is suppose to get between 7 and 10 FEET of snow! Oh, I hope so. The kids are really perfecting their techniques this year. But there favorite part of the whole day is after lunch. They get to snowboard with all their friends. Kennidy took a challenge from Laton to see who could reach the bottom of the slope first. Kennidy won but that was before I learned that Laton was trying to do 180's and all the jumps. Next time maybe he'll show Kennidy how to go off the jumps!

The Heussers and Petersons came on Friday and we all had a great time. Their kids are awesome on the slopes. All, but Brady, ski. He snowboards. We went on 'Around the World' and 'Kit Carson'. I was reminded how much I don't like Kit Carson. I really have to work on that slope. It's straight down. I like the more level slopes. I told Bridget that the next time they come, she, Paula, and I should go off the jumps!  I have only done it once.  But I think it would make for some really good pics.

Can't wait for this Friday!

January 02, 2010

The Most Talented BIL

My BIL (brother in law), Joseph, is an incredible artist.  Years ago, I asked him to sketch my kids for me. I gave him my favorite photo and this is what he gave us for Christmas that year.  

I cried it was so beautifully done. I found the picture so all could see the amazing resemblance. Joseph, you are such a talent young man.

Joseph is currently at BYU in their animation department. He is incredible! You can see his art work by clicking on his link under my 'Family Links'...Joe and Kat...then clicking on his link 'Joe's Artwork'.  He has since married a beautiful young lady, Kathryn.  And they have the cutest little boy, Shadrach.  We love them so much.

I have finally framed it, today, and it hangs over Brandon's dresser.  I chose to do this instead of working on my lesson for RS tomorrow or new VTing routes.  I'm such a procrastinator.  But I love it.  Now I need an updated one.  Oh, Joseph!

January 01, 2010

Homemade Gifts for Christmas

Once again my family amazed me with their homemade Christmas gifts for each other.  They are all so talented.

Brandon picked Ford, this year, and after a lot of precrastinating...he made Ford the coolest baseball pillowcase. Brandon did all by himself using his made sewing skills. What a great dad!

I picked Adam's name. I made him a Star Wars magnet board complete with Lego magnets from the Lego store.

Kennidy picked my name and went onto Shutterfly and made me the cutest book complete with pictures of my favorite people. Family and friends. I loved it.

Adam picked Makinley. He made her a checkbook. It was way cute. At the last minute...and by that I mean Christmas Eve...I whipped up a wallet to put her checkbook in. It's nothing fancy because I used what fabric pieces I had lying around. Maybe next time I'll think ahead and get some cute fabric.

Makinley picked Dad. She made him a DVD with photos and music. It was adorable and I love all the pictures she chose.

And Ford picked Kennidy. We went to the fabric store and he picked out some purple fabric to make Kennidy an apron. After we were done sewing it he gave it lots of kisses. So on the tag we wrote...Made with lots of kisses from Ford.

Some other gifts I made for the kids were...2 Star Wars Posters (thanks to my Silhouette), Crochet Hat and Scarf, 2 Super Hero Capes, Christmas Countdown (thanks to my Silhouette), Creswells Est. board (thanks to my Silhouette), and a Christmas Card (again, thanks to my Silhouette. I love this machine).