March 03, 2011

Hard Work

I am a firm believer in this one fact: If you work hard enough, you will be blessed.
I am also a firm believer in Science Fairs are to be done by the student, not the parent.  And when I say everything, I mean everything.
This year Makinley and Adam did almost everything themselves.  They found their projects.  They did their experiments.  They typed up their questions, hypothesis, procedures, results, and conclusions.  And they put everything together on their boards.  They worked hard.
Last night was the Science Fair.  We went at 6pm because Dad and Kennidy had to set up for YM/YW at 6:30.  We saw their projects and some others and left.  The judging, we were told, wouldn't start until 7 and we just couldn't stay that long.  We told Adam and Makinley how proud we were of them for all their work.
About 7:30pm I received a text from Paula.  It said, 'Good job mak on sci fair! 2nd place!!!'
What?  2nd place?  Makinley was so pleased with herself.  And she should be.  She worked hard.  Both my kids did and I am so pleased with their hard work.

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